The Most Shimmery Polish Ever: Zoya Reva

Hey you guys! I am sooo excited to show you this beautiful polish that I'm not gonna ramble as much as I usually do and just show you the pictures. I cant believe I wasnt fully convinced with this polish when I ordered it. Hello!!! I am very pleased to show you my very first Zoya swatch..

Zoya Reva : Sunlight

Zoya Reva- Sunlight

Zoya Reva- Artificial Lighting
I cant believe I haven't bought any Zoya polishes before!! Goodness gracious, its like polish perfection. And this color...I mean! Do you see how shimmery this polish is, its like an explosion of gold and red glitter and no picture I have ever seen has done it justice as to how shimmery this is. Since I've bought this polish I've sported it twice as a manicure. And its totally working with the Summer vibe I'm in at the moment. Im just sooo happy I have this. Formula was amazing! It took two easy coats to get this crazy amount of shimmer. And Zoya brushes get a 10/10 from me! Its like they were made for the size of my nail. One swipe and I've covered my whole nail. How spectacular is that!!

And continuing that note...have you guys heard about the Share The Love Program from Zoya? If you click here and make an account you automatically get a free polish! Maybe you can get Reva. You wont regret it...take it from someone who is always doubtful of red!. Now I'm a red fanatic.

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