Chic French Nail Design

Hey everybody! Hows it going? Today was MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Forever! Woot...woot! Hahah, words cant explain how happy I am. But your not here to hear about my life, so for nails...I want to show you a sort of color blocking french nail design that I did a few days back. I found this to be soo cute and it really reminds me of strawberry shortcake! Take a look!

This design is suppper easy to replicate, and I'm not just saying that. I first started with a layer of just a clear pink tinted base. Then I applied Sally Hansen in Green with envy diagonally across from the middle of my nail to the opposite end. Then I applied Barielle Blossom in the opposite direction and overlapping Green with Envy. Finally I took Inglot 721 and went the same direction as the green I applied previously. After applying all that and waiting for them to dry a bit, I took L.A. Girl Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Silver glitter and lined the previous color strips with it. And finally a layer of topcoat.
Is this design easy to do? Definitely! Do try this for summer...its on trend and fun.
Thats all for today. Dont forget to enter my PRE-100 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY!


  1. It's very classy, love it! Must try that sometime :) Oh! And congrats for finishing school! What now?

  2. Thank you so much! Definitely do try it out... And well for now I'm going to work but I'm hopin to continue my education as well. So we'll see how everything pans out. But thanks for asking!

  3. This is awesome! I am loving it!

  4. Lovely - you need to add a subscribe by email and one also for Bloglovin' though I personally don't like the latter at all..lots of readers are using it since Google discontinue reader.