Seventeen Supreme Gray swatch and review

Hey guys! Whats up? Weekend Time! I love it. So today I want to show you another Seventeen Supreme Color which is a gray creme. If you've read any of my posts on Seventeen polishes you'll know that I'm not the biggest fan of them. And thats because they dont really consider quality control. I dont like it when a company has the opportunity to care for the quality of their products and neglects it. Thats not to say their product is awful, otherwise I wouldn't have any of their polishes. But its a shame that they have such beautiful colors that dont apply well. And can you believe their bottles dont have names?! tsk...tsk! Anyway today I'm showing you the gray color from Seventeen Supreme. 

As you can seen Seventeen Supreme 35 is a dusty blueish/gray creme which dries opaque in two coats but needs a third to even out the levels. You can see on my pinky nails that it hasn't really evened out well. Thats a big issue for me with these Seventeen creme polishes. And I say creme polishes because I dont have this problem with their glitter or foil polishes...those apply like a dream.

Its a shame really because their colors are beautiful and their prices arent so bad (3.5 Jd's or 5$). They aren't cheap as well so their quality should be better. The Seventeen brushes are fine and dont give me any trouble. Obviously application is a process because most of these polishes are on the thicker side. Drying time is average. Usually I dont keep these colors on my nails for longer than a few hours so I dont know how quickly they chip. Thats all I have to show you today!
xo Nail Diva


  1. Bummer about the application, but super pretty gray!