Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection

Hey Girlies! Hows it going? Today I have four colors to show you from the Navigate Her collection that came out I believe in February or March of this year.This is my first time using any Essie polishes so hopefully this review is unbiased. Anyway I really fell in love with these colors when I saw them and I some of them I ended up having a love interest with...while others left my nails lonely and unloved! So if your still thinking about whether to get these polishes or not your should definitely read on...

First up Essie Tour De Finance (artificial lighting)


Tour De Finance is a medium pink fucshia with reflective violet blue microshimmer. Formula on this baby was good as it wasn't runny or thick. It was just right. Application only took two coats although the first coat was rather streaky. I didn't think I would find this color to be amazing but I actually liked it alot...even on my weirdly tanned skintone =].

Next is Essie Navigate Her

Navigate Her is a muted light olive green color that applied slightly darker than the bottle color. Formula was slightly on the thicker side though very manageable. I hate its application, although I only used two coats to get opacity it clumped up in certain areas preventing me from trying a third coat. The color on this is nice...not your average green we've been seeing alot of. But to me I dont think its a special color although I really wanted it to be. My expectations were too high I guess!

Essie Ole Caliente

Ole Caliente! What can I say. Love at first sight...Not exactly. I really thought this would be a color that I would try out once and never again. I usually stay away from these "fake" red colors...But boy did this color prove me wrong. I must try this on again. Ole Caliente is a bright reddish orange color. I want to call it Siren Red. It even leaned a bit coral (although more so in the bottle than in real life). Formula was good and application took a perfect and easy two coats. I really liked this color. Ole Caliente! I like saying it.

And then there was Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy

To Buy or Not To Buy! Its the philosophy I live by...lol. When I saw this color I thought "I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazingly unique color". A light lavender grey with purple, pink, and violet flecks spread though it. I was giddy all day. And then I put it on....and all the magic-ness disappeared. There was no rainbow shimmer coming up on my nails, only your randomly there "squint" your eyes in the right light and look for the shimmer kinda rainbow. And it didn't really even come up looking lavender or grey it came up a light lavender leaning to white. Upsetting! Formula was fine but application was a hassle. It took four to five coats and I gave up on my index finger when it began to clump up around the sides of my nail. I will not be trying this again any time soon. Definite let down! Again expectations were set too high!

So in the end I came up half and half. I love love loved Essie Ole Caliente and Tour De Finance even though I thought I wouldn't. I thought I loved Essie Navigate Her and To Buy or Not To Buy but ended up more disappointed than ever. Not that they were bad colors...I just wanted more from them thats all! But I have to admit it...a definite surprise! Thats all for now.

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xo Nail Diva

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