Pink Glitter Gradient

Hey guys! Hows everything? So, today I thought I would show you a really cute design that I did and it was actually a gradient manicure. I dont usually do gradient manicures but its so much fun to do with glitter and it really makes pink pop. So I started it with pink polish on all my fingers and I wanted something a little different and so I put up a lighter pink on my ring finger. It was actually the Seventeen Super Shine color I swatched a couple of days back with the water marbling. Anyway here is what I started with...

It was really cute alone but still I wanted more and so I used Color Club Magic Attraction and slightly tapped it on the middle-top of my nails. Check it out

It looks like ice cream dipped in sprinkles. I absolutely adore it...so fun and girly. And very easy to create. I know that alot of people use the sponging technique to get the whole gradient look. I only use the sponge if I'm putting in different colored polishes but when I apply like glitter or something I just apply it on regularly with my nail polish brush but after I've removed alot of it. Then I repeat it again at my tips so that I get a little more glitter towards the top. And thats all! 
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xo Nail Diva

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