Barielle Elle's Spell and a layering experiment

Hey everybody! How goes it? Today I'm going to show you the infamous Elle's Spell from Barielle. I have a had a crush on this polish ever since the very first time I saw it. I jumped at the chance to get it when I saw it on Transdesign. And when I saw it in the bottle I knew I wanted to layer it and see what would happen.

Index- Barielle Elle's Spell 2 coats
Middle- Misa Lovebite 2 coats + Elle's Spell 2 coats
Ring- Elle's Spell 4 coats
Pinky- Sally Hansen Black Out 2 coats + Elle's Spell 2 coats

I absolutely adore the million flecks in this. It shifts soo beautifully in light. And its color shift really shows up and in every light so its always fun to look at. I just wanted to do this experiment because I really think Elle's Spell is a versatile polish and can create many different looks. As you can see on my index finger with the 2 coats it really looks sheer and jelly-ish. Its still beautiful in its own way though. I didn't like it on the black-not my cup of tea. But I think my favorite was layering it over Misa-Lovebit because it gave it that vampy bloody red look. And thats my favorite polish color group so yeah, I would wear it like that or with the 4 coats by itself. Definitely my two picks. I hope this is helpful...and this polish was totally and completely worth every penny and lived up to the hype!
xo Nail Diva

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  1. Gorgeous! I still have to pick this one up. I think I like it both ways. :)