Color Club: The Holographic Edition

Hey girly girls! So I've really been feeling in the mood for collages. I dont know why lol! Anyway and I was looking through my stash today and felt like I didn't do some of my Color Club holographic polishes justice before when I pictured them. I decided I would give it another try and hopefully this will do it. This post will mostly be pictures... Yaay for pictures!!

Color Club Wild at Heart from the 2009 Wild at Heart Collection. Amazing deep purple linear holographic polish. Holographic-ness alot stronger in real life than pictures!

Color Club Worth The Risque from their Femme Fatale Spring 2009 Collection. Silver Linear Holographic...way more amazing in person!

Color Club Fashion Addict from their Catwalk Queen Collection. A lavender linear holographic polish although lacking in holographic-ness and doesn't look better than this in real life. This is I think the least holographic polish out of all of them. Still beautiful though its extremely dull inside.

Color Club Revvvolution also from the Femme Fatale Collection. A dark charcoal based black linear holographic polish that shines soooo much more holographic in real life.!

All in all these polishes are a definite staple in my collection. I'm glad that I found them all because I would much rather have these strong holographic polishes than spend 17-20$ on some other polishes like Layla which might have slightly more holo-ness to them. Nah, I'm satisfied with these.
Anywho, I hope you've enjoyed these as much as I have... Love, love!
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xo Nail Diva


  1. i have all 4 of these and i agree, they definitely have their own special place in holo land!