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**Hey everybody! Today Avidlian is welcoming Nancy from Dark Side of Beauty who will be sharing her favorite nail polishes of all time! Her blog has some of THE best makeup swatches I've ever seen and needless to say my makeup wishlist has grown tremendously since I became her follower. How fun! In case you dont know I've done a guest post over at Nancy's blog a while back and she has become a very dear friend of mine in the process. Atleast I consider her a dear friend because she has been sweet to me ever since the beginning of my blogging process so I'm very thankful to her. Anyway so lets see what she's got for us today!**

Hello lovely readers of aviDliaN! My name is Nancy and I am the writer and editor of The Dark Side of Beauty. The Nail Diva has invited me to write a Guest Post! Thank you so much for having me on your gorgeous blog!
The Dark Side of Beauty is my own little place of the internet, where I can write about my experiences with makeup, nail polish, and everything in between. My blog is named after my two main obsessions: makeup and Star Wars. My main focus is on showing how anyone, even the geekiest of girls, can be chic. I love creating looks using all the makeup I buy, especially using indie makeup.
Although my blog doesn't focus on nail polish, I have a huge collection of nail polish from drugstore to high end. My cheapest bottle of nail polish is a Jessie's Girl polish that cost me $0.40, and my most expensive bottle would be my Chanel ones. What I look for in nail polish is pigmentation, complex or bright colors, and a smooth and easy to apply formula. Some of my favorite brands include: Sinful Colors, Zoya, OPI and Rescue Beauty Lounge. Sinful Colors is very inexpensive and easy to find in most drugstores. Rescue Beauty Lounge is more expensive (at $20 per bottle), but the quality is superb. Zoya, Color Club and OPI are not extremely expensive and they are easy to find in Salons. They also have an amazing range of colors.

Here are some of my favorite nail polishes:

1. Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily

This is my newest addition to my collection, but I am indefinitely in love with it. It is one of the only aqua colors that looks good on my nails and it has the most beautiful pinky-purple sheen. It goes opaque in two coats and it dries very quickly.

2. Sinful Colors Pink
An inexpensive, bright nail polish that is perfect for spring/summer. It is has a jelly-like finish and it goes opaque in 1-2 coats. I looove this very much. This is definitely my got-to bright pink.
3. Color Club Pucci Licious

One of the best purple colors out there. It is bright, inexpensive, and best of all can be opaque in just one coat. Purple is my favorite color and this delivers a very bright and in-your-face purple color.

4. Illamaqua Poke

Another gorgeous purple! Illamasqua's Poke is a bright purple with iridescent purple and blue shimmer. It is opaque in two coats and it looks fun and beautiful on the nails.

5. Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers

My favorite Lippmann polish! At $18, it is not cheap, but it was worth every penny. I love the glitter and the combination of red and black. It is a very dark and gothic color, yet still has some sparkle and glitter that will  uplift any mood. Every time I look at my nails when I wear this, it makes me feel very glamorous.

With every year, new amazing nail polishes are released. I am looking forward to what other colors will be released this year and see what other amazing polishes I will add to my collection. Thank you Nail Diva for having me here on your blog today and thank you all so much for reading :) You have a fantastic blog here, so keep up the good work!

~Nancy <3

*Thank you my dear, I have just taken a very important lesson on some nail polishes I must own!! I'm sure everyone has appreciated this as much as I have and that was the point of the guest posts so hopefully thats done its job. Thank you again Nancy. Its been a pleasure having you here.*

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