Golden Rose Duochrome

Hey Everyone! I hope your day is going well. Mine was awful, I got very sick in the morning...I think I got the stomach flu. Anyway, I was in bed until just now. But no worries, I have a manicure to show you. I do commit, lol! This is Golden Rose Fantastic Color in 113. For those of you who dont know this company, its a Turkish nail polish company (well they sell other beauty products as well). And they have really amazing colors. I only find these polishes in random stores and by chance...but they do have branches mostly all around the world, so check out their website if your interested and you want more info on that. Wow, that sounded like an advertisement didnt it? Its just cuz I really like them...Anywho!

Golden Rose soft duochrome

These pictures are with 4 coats of the color. I dont think you would be able to achieve opacity, but it can get quite dense. So I tried like 2 billion different angles and the shift would not come up. So my description will have to do. It shifts froms light purple to dark pink to even light yellow in some lights. Unfortunately in my pictures it only comes up light purple. And this color is superb for layering. On a white base it gives off a very faint pinkish yellow color...not so special. On black it gives off a fuchsia color with black rims...its really pretty. And you can layer it on any color you like. I would suggest layering it on different colors than its own duochrome. For example layering it on pink gives nothing but a hint of shine. So be bold and do strange combo's you'll end up liking it more. That's all for today. Peace and Love!
xo Nail Diva

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