Blue Comparison: Seventeen vs. Flormar

Hey girlies! Whats going on? I've had this comparison on my to-do list ever since I bought these two colors and believe it or not today was the first time I used the Flormar one. I got these two at the same time but as I'll explain later they dont seem to be as old as each other when it comes to formula. You all know I have a little bias against Seventeen formula but sometimes the color is worth the pain. Anyway in the bottles these two colors look soooo much alike that you feel your getting the same thing. But I had a gut feeling they were different and so you'll see now. I put the letter S (for seventeen) or F (for Flormar) right under the nail I painted with that color.

Flormar Nail Enamel 423 on index and ring finger
Seventeen Supershine 279 on middle finger and pinky

As you can see Flormar is lighter than the Seventeen blue. Now I will describe the differences in these two polishes to make the decision of who the Blue Winner is.


Flormar polish had a smooth and creamy formula and application was simple. It required 3 thin coats.
Seventeen polish had a clumpy and think formula and application was ok. It required 2 thick coats.

Because I've had these polishes for the same time I appreciate the Flormar formula alot more.

Round one goes to Flormar!!


I personally think the Flormar color is a funner and richer color because it has a light and summery feel to it. The Seventeen blue almost gives off a dirtier blue color.

Round two goes to Flormar!!


I know brushes aren't a big thing to everybody but to me it is. I like bigger brushes it makes the streaks of polish look more complete and smoother. The Seventeen brushes are superrr tiny and the Flormar brush isn't the biggest but its a convenient size.

And round three goes to Flormar!!

A Flormar polish is sold for 1JD while a Seventeen polish is sold for 3.5JD's. I think we all know who the winner of this comparison is. So if your out shopping one day and find these two options definitely go with Flormar...it'll make your polishing life much better! Until next time.
xo Nail Diva

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