Polish Haul Timeee!

Hey everybody! I'm sooo excited today to share with you my recent polish haul. It took forever to reach me because it was all ordered from America. But I finally got my hands on them and I'm in polish heaven. I have alot of other polishes coming in next week as well...So I'm going to be polishin this summer...ooh child! I will definitely using these polishes in my upcoming nail art and what not which I'm considering doing tutorials for. Anyway, enough with the blabbing we all want to see the polishes. Me too, I miss them as I'm writing this...lol.

That was a quick picture I took on my bathroom counter so its not very clear. But I took somewhat individual pictures of them as well...

I got Zoya Anastasia, Reva, and Envy. Off the top I thought I wouldn't like Reva...but boy was I wrong! That color is amazing..although in this picture it seems a bit  lighter than in reality. Anastasia is also more purple than brownish as appears in this picture. Finally, I got Zoya Hot Lips in Girly Girl. I might do a review on this later.

Absolute lemmings of mine! Orly Ingenue and Night Owl. Are they as amazing in person! Even more. And these babies are ginormous! 18 mL...I mean what more could I ask for.

Excuse me if I'm drooling...but have you seen Elle's Spell. 'Nough Said! On the other hand Blossom was kind of a let down for me as although it looks peachy in the picture, which is what I wanted it to be...its way more pink in real life. It is a beautiful color, but it hasn't quenched my need for peach!

Essie Shine of the Times and Pure Ice Spit Fire. Let me tell you the story about these. Essie Shine of the times isn't sold in Amman...none of the luxe effects are. Not only that but flakies aren't sold here either. We still haven't gotten to that phase yet. (I mean crackle still hasn't reached its peak here yet. tis a shame) Anyway, so I ordered this. Yesterday I walk into the store and find an amazing flakie from a nail polish company I cant remember what its name is. Anyway not that it matters its just I hate thinking you only have one option and realize you were wrong.

Edit: I just remembered the name of the flakie polish...its by a brand called Radiant. I dont really know anything about it but they have beautiful colors so I will definitely be trying it out soon.

And then theres the Pure Ice story. I originally wanted OPI's teenage dream. I mean...Can you blame me? So I looked for it online but thought the asking prices were too expensive. One day I go online and read that Milani Pink Flair is an exact dupe. So I order it...and then my order gets cancelled by accident. So I order it again and it never goes through. So then I'm really angry and go online again and read that Spit Fire is a dupe for Pink Flaire. If A=B and B=C then A must = C. Right? We'll see!

I walked into the mall a couple of days back and saw that they had put up an Essence stand. I jumped up and down. They had it a year ago and then they took it down. I'm just so glad its back. Unfortunately I didn't have time to look through all the polishes so I got the ones that screamed at me first. Essence matt topcoat and Essence Time for Romance. Both amazing! Both a NEED!

Misa Lovebite and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cinna-Snap. The Sally Hansen isn't mine...I bought it for a friend. But Lovebite...What an awesome name? I feel like its sooo vampire diaries. I love the name. And the color is insatiable. I only swatched half a nail but I wanted to eat it...lol.

I also got my Flormar Ridge Filler. I love that stuff. But other than that, that was all...For now! Muhahaha. Anyway, this will be my first Misa, Zoya, Essie, Orly, Pure Ice, and Barielle. In other words everything is new to me. I know these aren't the new collections or anything but to me polish isn't about the trend its about the colors you love the most and putting them on your nails. So I will be putting up swatches and reviews for these soon, so feel free to stick around. I will also be putting up nail art you can do with these polishes as well. If theres anything in particular you want to see, let me know. Take care you guys!
xo Nail Diva


  1. Yay! A lot of novelties there! :) Swatch 'em!!

    1. Hahah, indeed! And dont worry I am totally on it =]]