Favorite Polish: Sugar Nails Guest Post

Hey, Hey! So today is the very first installment in my guest post series that I'm having on my blog. I really like the idea of having guest posts because that way you guys get to see a variety of polishes and designs that I wouldn't be able to provide to you all on my own. So my very first guest is the oh so sweet Gwenn from Sugar Nails. Let me tell you, she is one of the very first bloggers who absolutely inspired me with her beautiful nails and very cute designs. So no more talking from me...Here it is Gwenn's all time favorite polish.

Hi dear Nail Diva readers ! 

I'm Gwenn, a polish addict from Belgium, and I was very honored when Nail Diva asked me to write a guest post on her blog ! It's the first time I'm doing one, yay ! 
That's what I love about blogging ... Sharing stuff with other addicts, getting advices and becoming some kind of friends with people you don't even know, that's what makes me enjoy each single post I write or read :)
Uh sorry I'm feeling shy haha, I really want to do my best for my very first guest post but my english isn't always very good, I hope you won't mind.

Well, I'm here today to show you my all time favourite nail polish. Let's say it was a difficult choice, I have a lot of faves in my stash, especially purples, holos and glitters, but finally I decided which one talks the most to my heart: Extravagance from OPI's Designer Series !

OPI is one of my favorite brands, along with China Glaze, Essence and Zoya, and DS Extravagance was one of the first color I got from them. 
It's a wonderful, amazing dark purple with a scattered holo effect. It's really a stunner, especially in the sun (but we don't have any sunshine here since weeks, so I only have lightbox shots).

What make me love that polish enough to consider it as my fave ? Well, of course it's a pretty color, but I think it suits almost every skintone, it's also a kind of color you can wear on any occasion as it's not too special (I mean not flashy or full of glitter) but has that little something that will light up your nails ! 
It also has a perfect formula, applies like a dream and is opaque and smooth with two coats. The only bad thing I'd say about it is it really needs a top coat or it will chip fast, like a lot of holo polishes. It's shown here without top coat (see how it is shiny on it's own !) but I quickly added one coat of Seche Vite after the pictures to keep it longer. It's interesting to note that the top coat didn't alter the holo effect :)

So, are you also in love ? :)

Again, I want to thank Nail Diva for letting me be her guest, and hope you all enjoyed my post :)
* Thank you Gwenn, for being such a dear and sharing this amazing polish with us. I really think its a stunner and I haven't noticed it to be this beautiful before. See everybody learns something new! Anyway, I hope you guys liked this as much as I did. And if you guys would like a FREE Zoya nail polish click HERE and make an account to automatically get one. Have a great day! *


  1. Thank you again for having me as your guest, that was a funny thing to do :)

    1. Your so welcome! It was fun and I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! =]]

  2. I've seen this polish in many many blogs, it seems to be a must have! :) Really good choice, Gwenn!

    1. I agree... Looks like a very special polish indeed.

  3. Thank you for your nice comments :)