OPI Go On Green

Hey everybody! Whats goin on? So today I want to show you another color I've used in some of my posts without ever properly swatching it. It's Go On Green by OPI. I'm really trying to go through my polish stash before my massive shipment of polishes comes in. So this is just another one I found today and thought I needed to go through. This color is technically not green so I dont know why they named it that but anyway here it is...

OPI Go On Green

I really dont know what to think of this color. On the one hand its very summery and fun and on the other hand I dont think its flattering on my nail shape. The last time I tried it on I thought it really complimented my skintone and nail shape and now I dont really like it. Plus I've gained alot of ridges in my nails recently (joy!) and so because this color is super sheer you must use a ridge filler before or else every single ridge in your nail will be defined, just like my nails in these pics.

Go On Green is a sheer blue base with green glitter all throughout which gives it a duochrome appearance in lights although I couldn't get the green shimmer to show up in these pics but its very visible in life. This color required three coats to become like this but I would even go in for another coat because its actually very sheer, I have some VNL in my pics. Application was good and easy so thats a plus.

As for skin tone appropriatness if your skin is like me and looks super tan and nasty with sheer light colors dont go for this. I really didn't think it was flattering on me right now but it still is a very beautiful color. Thats all for now. Peace and Love!
xo Nail Diva

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