L.A Girl Grain and Polka Dot Edges

Hi! Hows it going? I have finals this week and the next, plus my brothers are coming to visit so I might be posting a little sporadically for the time. But I promise when I do get back to posting regularly I will be introducing a lot of new changes to avidlian, plus a giveaway is on the horizon..once I work out the kinks of shipping. So thats gonna be fun! Anyway today I have another older nail polish that I used in one of my designs here on my blog. It was my lace leopard mani, you can see it here. This polish acted as the base for that design.  So here is L.A. Girl in Grain.

L.A. Girl Grain a sheer goldish/silver color that dries to a pearlescent finish. I think the name Grain has some merit because it does remind of me of golden sand like that in Aqaba. But I honestly dont enjoy this color. I dont like pearlescent finishes especially when the color is so sheer! This took three coats and it could have used a fourth to even it more but I got bored with it. Also do you see how Streaky this is??? I mean...
As for this L.A Girl brush, its sooo tiny that you end up going on your nail with like 5 swipes to cover it...thats a waste of time!

I really didn't like this polish so I thought I would add something on it..I didn't know what so I just let my fingers lead the way..

My nails kinda look like kiwi's right? So I just used my little dotter and put some black dots around the perimeter of my nail. This is certainly a way that I would wear this color...but still its not growing on me too much. Ya live and learn right? Thats all for today. Peace and love!
xo Nail Diva

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