Jordana Supernatural

Hey girlies! Today I will be showing you a color from Jordana Nail Polish. I dont have many colors from this brand...actually I think this is the only one, I dont know exactly. But I do like the one I have. It is more of a winter and fall kind of color but I realized I've put this color is some of my posts without ever actually showing a swatch of it bare. So here is Jordana Supernatural by itself...

Jordana Supernatural

I think Jordana has a couple more colors probably based on the Twilight Series...I think one of them is actually called Twilight or Breaking Dawn or something and its exactly this kind of polish but in red instead. This was the only one I thought was worth getting.

Jordana Supernatural is a kind of sheer dark blue base with medium blue glitter packed inside. This needs two coats to become opaque but I add a third to show off the sparkle. I know that with some polishes (like Revlon facets of fucshia) the more coats you add the more the glitter disappears, but this isn't like that. In the end I added top coat to really make it shine and as you can tell from the first photo that it really gives off a sparkly shine.

Also what I like about this polish is that although its inexpensive (1.5 JD or 3$) its application is good, the brush is good, and the formula although sheer is extremely manageable. Therefore, I definitely recommend giving this company a try. Thats all for today!
xo Nail Diva


  1. pretty colour! shame I don't have any nice jordana colours where I live :(

    1. Yeah I think the world should unite in their polish distribution and send the same polishes all over the world. Its simply not fair! =( lol.