NOTD: Girly and Glittery

Hey guys! Hows it going? So I'm feeling really good, I have a really manicure on...listening to an awesome song..."Pennies and dimes for a kiss!" Figured it out yet? Lol, I dunno I really hated this song when it first came out and know not only has it rubbed off on me, I'm singing at all randomnly awkward times of the day. I just think its so quirky and cute. Haha, anyway so my mood is pretty high. And what is this manicure that I'm so insane about. Well see for yourself.

What is this utter fabulousness I have on you ask? Well, If you must know its a lovely little color by none other than Bourjois. I think this is supposed to be from their new collection (well probably not so new but anyway) thats called the 1 Seconde Polish with Gel texture. I would like pass by the stand and just I dunno wasn't interested. But one day while at work (obviously working very hard) I was flipping through a magazine and saw this color and I was like "wait...is this a Kim-Pletely In Love!". So on my way home I stopped by and got it. Along with the color on my ring finger.

Anyway so the pink is Bourjois Nail Polish in Rose Delicat which is a light pink filled with multicolor shimmer, a-la Essie Pink-a-boo. Which I will be doing a comparison of soon. The reason why I was intrigued with this is because as you all know the formula on Pink-a-boo is more like Pink-a-poo! I mean its pretty bad. So I thought a 1-second polish should be good for all the coats you have to do with a sheer baby like this. So I got it, and I wasn't displeased. The formula was really good. It dries super quickly and because the color isn't as light as Pink-a-boo it didn't need too many coats. For me 3 coats was the perfect amount. Also, the brush on this bad boy is to die for. The best brush I've used in EVER. I mean its the perfect width and length and in one swipe my nail is covered completely, therefore no dragging or streaking or anything. And it says it has a gel texture, ok I dont think so but it does look super shiny and just overall tidy, so yeah thats great. Love Love Love it. The polishes in this collection sell for 6.75 JD (10$) at Sharmiran. I do thinks its overpriced but for the brush and my lack of drying time its worth it.

As for my ring finger its by a brand called Radiant. I've never heard of it before but they have soooo many colors I'd thought I'd give it a go even though I dont really like spending alot of money on a brand I dont know. It costs 4.75JD (7$) at Sharmiran. This color doesn't have a name its no 150. Its just a metallic gold glitter. Love it...even though I feel like its very holiday-ish I still think it works perfectly for summer colors like maybe a turqoise. Anyway so yeah thats about it.

What do you think of the Bourjois...is it worth 10$? Leave your comments down below.
xo Nail Diva