The Most Shimmery Polish Ever: Zoya Reva

Hey you guys! I am sooo excited to show you this beautiful polish that I'm not gonna ramble as much as I usually do and just show you the pictures. I cant believe I wasnt fully convinced with this polish when I ordered it. Hello!!! I am very pleased to show you my very first Zoya swatch..

Zoya Reva : Sunlight

Zoya Reva- Sunlight

Zoya Reva- Artificial Lighting
I cant believe I haven't bought any Zoya polishes before!! Goodness gracious, its like polish perfection. And this color...I mean! Do you see how shimmery this polish is, its like an explosion of gold and red glitter and no picture I have ever seen has done it justice as to how shimmery this is. Since I've bought this polish I've sported it twice as a manicure. And its totally working with the Summer vibe I'm in at the moment. Im just sooo happy I have this. Formula was amazing! It took two easy coats to get this crazy amount of shimmer. And Zoya brushes get a 10/10 from me! Its like they were made for the size of my nail. One swipe and I've covered my whole nail. How spectacular is that!!

And continuing that note...have you guys heard about the Share The Love Program from Zoya? If you click here and make an account you automatically get a free polish! Maybe you can get Reva. You wont regret it...take it from someone who is always doubtful of red!. Now I'm a red fanatic.

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LCN MultiChrome Polish

Hey everyone! Today I have a a really strange polish to show you. Its an amazing polish that literally looks like a rainbow. I just stare at it forever in the bottle. Enough talking...right, I'm sure you want to see this precious. Precious I tell you! Translation onto the nail...Well see for yourself!

So as you can see although in the bottle there is Mardi Gras Green, purple, gold, pink, and blue. On the nail however, there is only three different colors: green, purple, and blue. So technically its still multichrome...just not as spectacular as in the bottle. This upsets me, but what can you do? This is also sad because this LCN 169 contains DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. I dont usually care if polishes contain that but for some reason I was pretty upset when I saw all the stuff this had in it. But it was so easy to apply. Formula was perfect...and it took three coats but it dried really fast. So thats pretty good. But still translation onto the nail wasn't impressive at all. So thats all for now!
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Barielle Elle's Spell and a layering experiment

Hey everybody! How goes it? Today I'm going to show you the infamous Elle's Spell from Barielle. I have a had a crush on this polish ever since the very first time I saw it. I jumped at the chance to get it when I saw it on Transdesign. And when I saw it in the bottle I knew I wanted to layer it and see what would happen.

Index- Barielle Elle's Spell 2 coats
Middle- Misa Lovebite 2 coats + Elle's Spell 2 coats
Ring- Elle's Spell 4 coats
Pinky- Sally Hansen Black Out 2 coats + Elle's Spell 2 coats

I absolutely adore the million flecks in this. It shifts soo beautifully in light. And its color shift really shows up and in every light so its always fun to look at. I just wanted to do this experiment because I really think Elle's Spell is a versatile polish and can create many different looks. As you can see on my index finger with the 2 coats it really looks sheer and jelly-ish. Its still beautiful in its own way though. I didn't like it on the black-not my cup of tea. But I think my favorite was layering it over Misa-Lovebit because it gave it that vampy bloody red look. And thats my favorite polish color group so yeah, I would wear it like that or with the 4 coats by itself. Definitely my two picks. I hope this is helpful...and this polish was totally and completely worth every penny and lived up to the hype!
xo Nail Diva


Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection

Hey Girlies! Hows it going? Today I have four colors to show you from the Navigate Her collection that came out I believe in February or March of this year.This is my first time using any Essie polishes so hopefully this review is unbiased. Anyway I really fell in love with these colors when I saw them and I some of them I ended up having a love interest with...while others left my nails lonely and unloved! So if your still thinking about whether to get these polishes or not your should definitely read on...

First up Essie Tour De Finance (artificial lighting)


Tour De Finance is a medium pink fucshia with reflective violet blue microshimmer. Formula on this baby was good as it wasn't runny or thick. It was just right. Application only took two coats although the first coat was rather streaky. I didn't think I would find this color to be amazing but I actually liked it alot...even on my weirdly tanned skintone =].

Next is Essie Navigate Her

Navigate Her is a muted light olive green color that applied slightly darker than the bottle color. Formula was slightly on the thicker side though very manageable. I hate its application, although I only used two coats to get opacity it clumped up in certain areas preventing me from trying a third coat. The color on this is nice...not your average green we've been seeing alot of. But to me I dont think its a special color although I really wanted it to be. My expectations were too high I guess!

Essie Ole Caliente

Ole Caliente! What can I say. Love at first sight...Not exactly. I really thought this would be a color that I would try out once and never again. I usually stay away from these "fake" red colors...But boy did this color prove me wrong. I must try this on again. Ole Caliente is a bright reddish orange color. I want to call it Siren Red. It even leaned a bit coral (although more so in the bottle than in real life). Formula was good and application took a perfect and easy two coats. I really liked this color. Ole Caliente! I like saying it.

And then there was Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy

To Buy or Not To Buy! Its the philosophy I live by...lol. When I saw this color I thought "I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazingly unique color". A light lavender grey with purple, pink, and violet flecks spread though it. I was giddy all day. And then I put it on....and all the magic-ness disappeared. There was no rainbow shimmer coming up on my nails, only your randomly there "squint" your eyes in the right light and look for the shimmer kinda rainbow. And it didn't really even come up looking lavender or grey it came up a light lavender leaning to white. Upsetting! Formula was fine but application was a hassle. It took four to five coats and I gave up on my index finger when it began to clump up around the sides of my nail. I will not be trying this again any time soon. Definite let down! Again expectations were set too high!

So in the end I came up half and half. I love love loved Essie Ole Caliente and Tour De Finance even though I thought I wouldn't. I thought I loved Essie Navigate Her and To Buy or Not To Buy but ended up more disappointed than ever. Not that they were bad colors...I just wanted more from them thats all! But I have to admit it...a definite surprise! Thats all for now.

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Chic French Nail Design

Hey everybody! Hows it going? Today was MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Forever! Woot...woot! Hahah, words cant explain how happy I am. But your not here to hear about my life, so for nails...I want to show you a sort of color blocking french nail design that I did a few days back. I found this to be soo cute and it really reminds me of strawberry shortcake! Take a look!

This design is suppper easy to replicate, and I'm not just saying that. I first started with a layer of just a clear pink tinted base. Then I applied Sally Hansen in Green with envy diagonally across from the middle of my nail to the opposite end. Then I applied Barielle Blossom in the opposite direction and overlapping Green with Envy. Finally I took Inglot 721 and went the same direction as the green I applied previously. After applying all that and waiting for them to dry a bit, I took L.A. Girl Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Silver glitter and lined the previous color strips with it. And finally a layer of topcoat.
Is this design easy to do? Definitely! Do try this for summer...its on trend and fun.
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!!Pre-100 Follower Giveaway!!

Hey everybody. I am supppper ecstatic to tell you guys that I have finally fixed everything so that I could hold a Giveaway! Woot...Woot! Party over here. Recently I've hit a couple of milestones at my blog and I think we deserve to celebrate. Celebrate, because obviously I wouldn't be if it weren't for my lovely blog followers who feel like I have something worthwhile here at my blog. So thank you everyone! 90th post. 93 members. 11,000 pageviews. And I could have waited for 100 followers to have this giveaway but I get so darn impatient. Anyway, I will be giving away some pretty awesome things (in my opinion) so I hope you all enjoy.

Up for grabs are:

Color Club: Covered in Diamonds
Essence: Time for Romance
Seventeen Shock: Black Crackle
MeiZi: 3D Nail Design Flower
And a handmade bracelet made by yours truly.

All you have to do is enter here. All products in this prize are brand new and have been purchased by me.! I will be putting up swatches of my own Essence Time for Romance within the next couple of days for you all to see. This contest is until midnight June 30th.

The only rule is to be a public follower of aviDliaN. This contest is only open for the United States. I'm so sorry international girlies but really this was all I could manage. Hopefully in the future I'll find a way to have an international contest but this is it for now. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Edit: If you guys are interested in more giveaways you can head over to ContestGirl to find some!
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Drugstore Mascara's: My opinion on Revlon, Maybelline, and Loreal

Hey everyone! I've had these mascara's set in my drawer for months now because I've wanted to write reviews about them since I first got them. I realized I should get to them, lol. Anyway in general I choose drugstore mascara's over the high-end ones. Why? Because most of the time you end up getting pretty much the same quality. I swear my lancome definicils mascara does just the same effect as my revlon grow luscious mascara. So why splurge on it. So today I will be reviewing Maybelline Define-a-lash, Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express, Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes, and Revlon Grow Luscious. Two I recommend, one is ok, and to one I say "Off with its head!!". Read on to find out which are in and which are out!

Revlon Grow Luscious:

They say:
"-Lash enhancing formula complements the natural growth cycle of your lashes, improving their  overall appearance and conditioning with each use
-Get lashes that look instantly longer and lusher and will also grow stronger day after day
-Oversized lash-extending brush"

I say: Yes! Revlon Grow Luscious (not the plumping mascara) actually made my eyelashes healthier. Weird for a mascara to do that right?! But I'm definitely not complaining.

I absolutely love how big the wand is on this mascara. I know some people feel that with a big wand you cant reach the tiny lashes on either side but surprisingly thats not the case with this one. Its big enough to give an immediate fuller effect to the lashes while still allowing control of the smaller lashes. And have you seen how beautiful Jessica Biel looks in the Grow Luscious Ads!
Gets an A+ from me.

Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express:

I bought this one day because it came in an offer with an eyeliner pencil. I've had much bad experience with the Maybelline mascara's that come in that particular shape and I wasn't very interested in trying it out, but I did anyway.

They say:
300% MORE VISIBLE LASHES corner-to-corner, no gaps"

I say: 300% ? What the hell? Is there even such a thing as 300% more visible. What your eyelashes become 300% percent more in someone's face? I dunno bout all that but I do like the mascara...but 300%. I really dont know what thats supposed to mean.
I was pleasantly surprised with the results I got. It does lengthen and give much volume which is what I want in a mascara. It does more volumizing that lengthening but for me it does enough of both. It doesn't give that crackly clumpy feel that some of the other volumizing mascaras do, although it doesn't have the most natural feel to it either. It can really give you a dramatic look if you apply more than usual...so it'll do its job if you dont believe in fake eyelashes. I have used this all up completely. Would I rebuy it...Maybe. one day. If I can understand the whole 300% thing. lol.
Gets a B+ from me.

Maybelline Define-a-lash Mascara:

They say: "ZERO-CLUMP LENGTH defined like never before
SHAPED-TO-THE-LASH BRUSH elongates and accentuates lashes"

I say: True Dat. But...its not the best mascara I've ever tried. Its a meteocre mascara that does a meteocre job.This is so-so for me. Its just an ok mascara that you can use after you've already applied your "REAL" mascara. I say real because I feel like this is just something extra you do. You couldn't rely on it to actually be your only mascara.
Its brush is supposed to be shaped to your eye lash contour and I do love that about this. Its really easy to swipe against your lashes making application a bit quicker. And it really does seperate your lashes so if you tend to use a great mascara that clumps your lashes a bit you can definitely use this afterwards to just get that nice seperation.
This gets a B from me.

Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes:

They say: "For lashes that look a million times multiplied and perfectly defined, theres only one mascara...The millionizing brush evenly thickens lashes from root to tip. The result? Lashes look so multiplied, so clean, its like seeing millions."

I say: Millions, eh? Again with the gigantic numbers. I dont like it when numbers are put into something that you cant calculate yourself. So you sit there wondering...millions. Personally I despise this mascara as much as I despised its predecessor Loreal Million Lashes. They suck. You see the picture of Eva Longoria sitting there with her eyelashes shooting out 10 feet in front of her and your like Oh Yeah BABY! I want my eyelashes to be 20 million feet long. So you get the mascara and your realize its not even 1 cm ahead let alone 20  million feet. And then you start to hate all mascaras and start to doubt every single commercial and ad you see for mascara. Why? All because of one little golden tube. Well bad mascara will do that to you.

You see how I used so many numbers! I can work with numbers too.

I give this an F-. You fail...go back to school and work on your numbers! I say Off with its head...or in this case throw it in the garbage! Oh yeah. High five! I hope you enjoyed this review and please understand that these are solely my opinions. I go out and buy products, some of which I end up hating, so I just wanted to share my thoughts on a few of those thing.

Thats all for now.
xo Nail Diva


Blue Comparison: Seventeen vs. Flormar

Hey girlies! Whats going on? I've had this comparison on my to-do list ever since I bought these two colors and believe it or not today was the first time I used the Flormar one. I got these two at the same time but as I'll explain later they dont seem to be as old as each other when it comes to formula. You all know I have a little bias against Seventeen formula but sometimes the color is worth the pain. Anyway in the bottles these two colors look soooo much alike that you feel your getting the same thing. But I had a gut feeling they were different and so you'll see now. I put the letter S (for seventeen) or F (for Flormar) right under the nail I painted with that color.

Flormar Nail Enamel 423 on index and ring finger
Seventeen Supershine 279 on middle finger and pinky

As you can see Flormar is lighter than the Seventeen blue. Now I will describe the differences in these two polishes to make the decision of who the Blue Winner is.


Flormar polish had a smooth and creamy formula and application was simple. It required 3 thin coats.
Seventeen polish had a clumpy and think formula and application was ok. It required 2 thick coats.

Because I've had these polishes for the same time I appreciate the Flormar formula alot more.

Round one goes to Flormar!!


I personally think the Flormar color is a funner and richer color because it has a light and summery feel to it. The Seventeen blue almost gives off a dirtier blue color.

Round two goes to Flormar!!


I know brushes aren't a big thing to everybody but to me it is. I like bigger brushes it makes the streaks of polish look more complete and smoother. The Seventeen brushes are superrr tiny and the Flormar brush isn't the biggest but its a convenient size.

And round three goes to Flormar!!

A Flormar polish is sold for 1JD while a Seventeen polish is sold for 3.5JD's. I think we all know who the winner of this comparison is. So if your out shopping one day and find these two options definitely go with Flormar...it'll make your polishing life much better! Until next time.
xo Nail Diva


Polish Haul Timeee!

Hey everybody! I'm sooo excited today to share with you my recent polish haul. It took forever to reach me because it was all ordered from America. But I finally got my hands on them and I'm in polish heaven. I have alot of other polishes coming in next week as well...So I'm going to be polishin this summer...ooh child! I will definitely using these polishes in my upcoming nail art and what not which I'm considering doing tutorials for. Anyway, enough with the blabbing we all want to see the polishes. Me too, I miss them as I'm writing this...lol.

That was a quick picture I took on my bathroom counter so its not very clear. But I took somewhat individual pictures of them as well...

I got Zoya Anastasia, Reva, and Envy. Off the top I thought I wouldn't like Reva...but boy was I wrong! That color is amazing..although in this picture it seems a bit  lighter than in reality. Anastasia is also more purple than brownish as appears in this picture. Finally, I got Zoya Hot Lips in Girly Girl. I might do a review on this later.

Absolute lemmings of mine! Orly Ingenue and Night Owl. Are they as amazing in person! Even more. And these babies are ginormous! 18 mL...I mean what more could I ask for.

Excuse me if I'm drooling...but have you seen Elle's Spell. 'Nough Said! On the other hand Blossom was kind of a let down for me as although it looks peachy in the picture, which is what I wanted it to be...its way more pink in real life. It is a beautiful color, but it hasn't quenched my need for peach!

Essie Shine of the Times and Pure Ice Spit Fire. Let me tell you the story about these. Essie Shine of the times isn't sold in Amman...none of the luxe effects are. Not only that but flakies aren't sold here either. We still haven't gotten to that phase yet. (I mean crackle still hasn't reached its peak here yet. tis a shame) Anyway, so I ordered this. Yesterday I walk into the store and find an amazing flakie from a nail polish company I cant remember what its name is. Anyway not that it matters its just I hate thinking you only have one option and realize you were wrong.

Edit: I just remembered the name of the flakie polish...its by a brand called Radiant. I dont really know anything about it but they have beautiful colors so I will definitely be trying it out soon.

And then theres the Pure Ice story. I originally wanted OPI's teenage dream. I mean...Can you blame me? So I looked for it online but thought the asking prices were too expensive. One day I go online and read that Milani Pink Flair is an exact dupe. So I order it...and then my order gets cancelled by accident. So I order it again and it never goes through. So then I'm really angry and go online again and read that Spit Fire is a dupe for Pink Flaire. If A=B and B=C then A must = C. Right? We'll see!

I walked into the mall a couple of days back and saw that they had put up an Essence stand. I jumped up and down. They had it a year ago and then they took it down. I'm just so glad its back. Unfortunately I didn't have time to look through all the polishes so I got the ones that screamed at me first. Essence matt topcoat and Essence Time for Romance. Both amazing! Both a NEED!

Misa Lovebite and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Cinna-Snap. The Sally Hansen isn't mine...I bought it for a friend. But Lovebite...What an awesome name? I feel like its sooo vampire diaries. I love the name. And the color is insatiable. I only swatched half a nail but I wanted to eat it...lol.

I also got my Flormar Ridge Filler. I love that stuff. But other than that, that was all...For now! Muhahaha. Anyway, this will be my first Misa, Zoya, Essie, Orly, Pure Ice, and Barielle. In other words everything is new to me. I know these aren't the new collections or anything but to me polish isn't about the trend its about the colors you love the most and putting them on your nails. So I will be putting up swatches and reviews for these soon, so feel free to stick around. I will also be putting up nail art you can do with these polishes as well. If theres anything in particular you want to see, let me know. Take care you guys!
xo Nail Diva


Guest Post Sunday: Pretty Purple Polish Favorite Polish

** Hey guys! Today is the final installment of my guest post Sundays...and guess who our guest today is! The lovely Alanna from Pretty Purple Polish. Not only are her nails perfectly manicured but the colors she showcases are even more beautiful. So...I'm just gonna step aside and let her do the talking!**

Hi everyone! I'm Alanna from Pretty Purple Polish. I was really excited when Nail Diva invited me to do a guest post about my favourite nail polish. I immediately knew which polish I would choose. Here it is:

Ulta3 - Orchid
1 coat

Orchid is a gorgeous purple shimmer. This is my favourite polish of all time (so far) because I love this shade of purple and how it looks on my skin tone. It's a one coater! It's made in Australia and it's cheap. This little beauty will only set you back $2! What more could you ask for? Unfortunately the Ulta3 brand is not sold outside of Australia so it can be a little hard for international ladies to get a hold of. 

Orchid is a colour that I can wear time and time again and never get sick of it. I've never finished a bottle of nail polish before but I think I'm going to need a backup of this.

Thanks for reading my very first guest post. I hope you enjoyed it.

* Thank you Alanna for giving some insight into a very lovely polish. Very worthy of being called favorite. I've never seen this brand before but if I ever did I would definitely get my polished paws right on it...lol.
Have a great day!


Seventeen Supreme Gray swatch and review

Hey guys! Whats up? Weekend Time! I love it. So today I want to show you another Seventeen Supreme Color which is a gray creme. If you've read any of my posts on Seventeen polishes you'll know that I'm not the biggest fan of them. And thats because they dont really consider quality control. I dont like it when a company has the opportunity to care for the quality of their products and neglects it. Thats not to say their product is awful, otherwise I wouldn't have any of their polishes. But its a shame that they have such beautiful colors that dont apply well. And can you believe their bottles dont have names?! tsk...tsk! Anyway today I'm showing you the gray color from Seventeen Supreme. 

As you can seen Seventeen Supreme 35 is a dusty blueish/gray creme which dries opaque in two coats but needs a third to even out the levels. You can see on my pinky nails that it hasn't really evened out well. Thats a big issue for me with these Seventeen creme polishes. And I say creme polishes because I dont have this problem with their glitter or foil polishes...those apply like a dream.

Its a shame really because their colors are beautiful and their prices arent so bad (3.5 Jd's or 5$). They aren't cheap as well so their quality should be better. The Seventeen brushes are fine and dont give me any trouble. Obviously application is a process because most of these polishes are on the thicker side. Drying time is average. Usually I dont keep these colors on my nails for longer than a few hours so I dont know how quickly they chip. Thats all I have to show you today!
xo Nail Diva


L.A Girl Grain and Polka Dot Edges

Hi! Hows it going? I have finals this week and the next, plus my brothers are coming to visit so I might be posting a little sporadically for the time. But I promise when I do get back to posting regularly I will be introducing a lot of new changes to avidlian, plus a giveaway is on the horizon..once I work out the kinks of shipping. So thats gonna be fun! Anyway today I have another older nail polish that I used in one of my designs here on my blog. It was my lace leopard mani, you can see it here. This polish acted as the base for that design.  So here is L.A. Girl in Grain.

L.A. Girl Grain a sheer goldish/silver color that dries to a pearlescent finish. I think the name Grain has some merit because it does remind of me of golden sand like that in Aqaba. But I honestly dont enjoy this color. I dont like pearlescent finishes especially when the color is so sheer! This took three coats and it could have used a fourth to even it more but I got bored with it. Also do you see how Streaky this is??? I mean...
As for this L.A Girl brush, its sooo tiny that you end up going on your nail with like 5 swipes to cover it...thats a waste of time!

I really didn't like this polish so I thought I would add something on it..I didn't know what so I just let my fingers lead the way..

My nails kinda look like kiwi's right? So I just used my little dotter and put some black dots around the perimeter of my nail. This is certainly a way that I would wear this color...but still its not growing on me too much. Ya live and learn right? Thats all for today. Peace and love!
xo Nail Diva


Guest Post Sunday: Copy that Copy cat Favorite Polish

** Hey Everyone! So I'm so happy to be welcoming Linda from copythatcopycat. She is a wonderful nail artist who draws the most inspiring nail designs and not to mention her sweet personality. She will be sharing with us her favorite polish of all time so stay tuned!**

Hi everyone! I've been invited to do a guest post on my favourite polish :) I'd like to thank Nail Diva for welcoming me on her blog and letting me be a part of it.

Today, I will show you my very first nail polish love. It is still my favourite colour of all time, even after seeing all these pretty nail polish colours, I still love this one. Let me tell you a little bit about the story behind this bottle. I was pretty young and I hadn't found my passion for nail art yet and my parents would always go to the markets every weekend and my mum will randomly bring home bottles of polish. One day she brought home this colour and it was so pretty and seriously, it was love at first site. It was my go-to colour, used so much that it had a measly 1/6 left of the bottle content. I left it untouched for a long time since I didn't want to use it any more and just a few days ago, I decided to revive it. Poof!

Here is the colour I speak so highly of!

Lovely colour. This is Elizabeth Arden Go Coral. Perfect for summer, even though it's almost winter in Australia. This polish pretty much made me a coral lover and its a fantastic shade for my skin and probably every other skin tone. 

So that's my all time favourite polish, and of course if any of you have seen my blog, I have to nail art everything haha! No exception this time :) I didn't know what to paint on my nails so I decided to do some white geometric kinda stuff and this is how it turned out.
That's all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks again to Nail Diva for inviting me to join her blog :)

*Thank you so much my dear, that was a beautiful post. I dont know if I've ever seen a nail polish from Elizabeth Arden...or maybe they just dont sell that in Jordan. Still good to know...it is a very beautiful polish.
Have a great day!


OPI Go On Green

Hey everybody! Whats goin on? So today I want to show you another color I've used in some of my posts without ever properly swatching it. It's Go On Green by OPI. I'm really trying to go through my polish stash before my massive shipment of polishes comes in. So this is just another one I found today and thought I needed to go through. This color is technically not green so I dont know why they named it that but anyway here it is...

OPI Go On Green

I really dont know what to think of this color. On the one hand its very summery and fun and on the other hand I dont think its flattering on my nail shape. The last time I tried it on I thought it really complimented my skintone and nail shape and now I dont really like it. Plus I've gained alot of ridges in my nails recently (joy!) and so because this color is super sheer you must use a ridge filler before or else every single ridge in your nail will be defined, just like my nails in these pics.

Go On Green is a sheer blue base with green glitter all throughout which gives it a duochrome appearance in lights although I couldn't get the green shimmer to show up in these pics but its very visible in life. This color required three coats to become like this but I would even go in for another coat because its actually very sheer, I have some VNL in my pics. Application was good and easy so thats a plus.

As for skin tone appropriatness if your skin is like me and looks super tan and nasty with sheer light colors dont go for this. I really didn't think it was flattering on me right now but it still is a very beautiful color. Thats all for now. Peace and Love!
xo Nail Diva


Jordana Supernatural

Hey girlies! Today I will be showing you a color from Jordana Nail Polish. I dont have many colors from this brand...actually I think this is the only one, I dont know exactly. But I do like the one I have. It is more of a winter and fall kind of color but I realized I've put this color is some of my posts without ever actually showing a swatch of it bare. So here is Jordana Supernatural by itself...

Jordana Supernatural

I think Jordana has a couple more colors probably based on the Twilight Series...I think one of them is actually called Twilight or Breaking Dawn or something and its exactly this kind of polish but in red instead. This was the only one I thought was worth getting.

Jordana Supernatural is a kind of sheer dark blue base with medium blue glitter packed inside. This needs two coats to become opaque but I add a third to show off the sparkle. I know that with some polishes (like Revlon facets of fucshia) the more coats you add the more the glitter disappears, but this isn't like that. In the end I added top coat to really make it shine and as you can tell from the first photo that it really gives off a sparkly shine.

Also what I like about this polish is that although its inexpensive (1.5 JD or 3$) its application is good, the brush is good, and the formula although sheer is extremely manageable. Therefore, I definitely recommend giving this company a try. Thats all for today!
xo Nail Diva