Pink Valentines Day Cloud Mani

Hey everyone, Hows it goin? So I'm sure you all know Nailside, she has a very helpful blog about nails and nail art...if you'd like, check it out here. I decided to do a Valentines day Cloud Manicure but I did it a little differently than her original one. I didn't feel right doing the same thing =]. So this is was my first attempt and this is how it came out.

This is my final valentine's day manicure for the year. If you'd like to check out my other posts just take a look at my blog page. For this design I used a purple background color and painted on the cloud design with  just a regular pink color and then the final cloud and dots were painted with a metallic pink color. So hurry on up and get your nails did for Valentine's!
xo Nail Diva