OPI Senorita Rose-alita

Hello chicas! Hows it going? Today I have on a beautiful nail polish that makes me want Summer to come all the faster so I can put on more bright nail colors. Its funny, when Summer is actually here I think its too hot and the weather is disgusting but when I'm in the middle of Winter I wish I wasn't. Never satisfied...eh. Anywho, I absolutely adore this color and I'm sure with a slight tan it would look smoking! So for anyone who ever wondered whether they should get it or not...take a look and then decide.

OPI Senorita Rose-alita

Do you see that lovely shimmer? There's nothing I love more than a deep colored polish with gold shimmer. It makes me wanna dance! I seem over ecstatic about nail polish dont I...well I'm a geek that way! Ok so Senorita Rose-alita is a deep pigmented pink almost raspberry with a gold shimmer spread evenly through it. This was two coats and it doesn't need anymore. See how super shiny it is...Yeah, no topcoat! This polish really surprised me..in the bottle it looked cute so I got it. Inside I wasn't in love with it...but outside it came to life. Anyway, thats it for today. Have a great day!
xo Nail Diva

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