Tartofraises1 Fuchsia flowers with swirl attempt

Hey Everyone! I hope your doing great! So, I saw this wonderful video for tartofraises1 on youtube yesterday and I had to try it. She's INCREDIBLE! I mean she can do anything, and I have been a ginormous fan of hers. Now I dont have any nail art brushes at all. So this was all done with a toothpick and a makeshift brush that I made so obviously it's not precise. Also, her nails are super long and pretty (knock on wood!) and mine are still relatively short so the design isn't so magnifique! But I tried and I give myself credit for atleast that. Check out her video tutorial here, it's really amazing! And here's how mine came out =]

Fuschia flowers with swirl

I didn't have time to finish off the swirls and the studs because I had to go to uni, but I think the flowers turned out lovely. And this mani would look lovely on long nails. I'm definitely going to try this again when my nails are longer and maybe then I'll actually finish off the look lol. Well, I hope you like it and have a nice day!
xo Nail Diva


  1. Thanks...it's way pretty on tartofraises1 but I'm going to try it again soon...practice makes perfect =]