Haute Couture Polka Dots

Hey Everyone! How are you doing today? I'm going to be honest...I have a million and one designs in my head to do. But I keep postponing them. Why is that, you ask? Only God knows...seriously. I feel so bad that when it comes time to do my nails I give myself 200 excuses why I should leave the designs for later... I need to get that one polish...My nails are too short...excuses...excuses. Tsk...Tsk! Well I am going to do nail art all next week, so stay tuned. For now I have a simple yet adorable mani for you.

Color Club Haute Couture and Polka dots

My polka dots didn't really come out as neat as I wanted, but you can barely notice the flaw in the real life. So I used I believe two coats of Color Club's Haute Couture which is a deep reddish brown color. The first time I applied this polish I hated it...I thought it was unflattering, but then again it was mid-summer. When I tried it again the other day I realized just how beautiful it really is. It can be a bit streaky though, so be careful while applying it. I used a quite a bit of metallic/foil polishes to dot my ring finger. I used silver, gold, pink, and purple...but obviously you can do any combination. So thats all for today. Ciao bellas!
xo Nail Diva

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