50 Members and Yellow Nails

Hey Everyone! How's your day going? I want to say how happy I am that I have reached 50 members...Yaaayyy! I'm very excited and I wish beyond wishes that I could have a giveaway but I still haven't figured out the whole "transportation" issue. Because I live in Jordan the only way to send things in our out of the country is through the airport and people generally only send things like business papers because it's very expensive. But I am working on a way and if it works out I'll let you all know. So keep in touch. Also, if you like my blog, please join it because the more followers I have, the more excited I am to do more posts and different things. If you have any ideas or designs you would like to see let me know, I'm always interested in trying out new things even if they seem a bit hard. And another thing, if you guys are as big a fan of Zoya as I am but dont really appreciate their price tag, there having a Valentines day promotion, so check it out here. Enough talking...More nails!

Today I have Inglot Nail Enamel in number 721. I began my search for the ultimate pastel yellow nail polish a while ago and found myself upset with how little yellow nail polish we have here in Jordan. So while I was in Dubai I found Inglot and thought I'd give a try. Well as you can see I came out with this.

Inglot Nail Enamel 721

So there you have it...this is a pastel yellow nail polish that dries matte even sort of rubbery (if thats an appropriate description). The nail polish this reminds me most of is Illamasqua nail polishes because they dry pretty much the same. With regards to application, it wasn't difficult per se but it wasn't the most pleasant either. It did give me a hard time on my middle finger because it gets tacky very quickly and you have to wait until it's completely dry before applying another layer or else it gets clumpy. And here I applied three coats. But overall I really like this color it's so fun and summery. I think i'm going to get Revlon Sunshine sparkle, just because yellow shimmer seems like a lot of fun, right? Anyway, thats all for today...Have a great one!
xo Nail Diva

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