Cool-Ade Zebra Nail design

Hey everyone! Today I did a zebra nail design with a cool color combo. In the beginning I thought it would be all rainbow-ish but then when it was done I felt it looked alot like that cool-ade stuff I used to love when I was kid. Even though my mom hated it because she said it was only a whole bunch of artificial colors that would give us cancer. I loved it even more cuz she wouldn't allow us to drink it...haha. So this is how it came out

Zebra nail art
I used all the same colors from my previous post on my Katy Perry inspired nail art from my middle finger. If you'd like to know what colors I used to create this look just head back to my previous post and you'll find listed what I applied. I just changed the direction on each finger. I used the Konad plate m57 to stamp on the zebra design. For the life of me, I dont know why the picture with my thumb wont upload. Sorry about that but I guess my connection isn't too great today. So this was my look, I hope you like it.
xo Nail Diva


  1. I like the overall effect!...very edgy and cool..Plz do more Stamping!♥

    1. Thnks so much! And, I will try to do more stamping very soon =]]