Spring Nail Art

Hey everyone! How's it going? Today I have a design that I did a week ago but never posted because I took pictures of it when the weather was pretty bad and they didnt come out as clear as I wish. Originally, this morning I was going to do a nautical themed manicure but with my luck the weather was completely and absurdly awful. Kinda funny, tho! Anyway so the nail polish I used for this is...OPI! Yes, I found OPI in Jordan. You'll notice in my 11 questions tag that thats the nail polish I wish I had access to here in Jordan. The very next day from posting that I thought I would take a trip to my favorite beauty store and I walk in and WAAM. Right in front of my face is a section of OPI nailpolishes and a poster for one of their collections (I do think it's an old one though). Anyway, long story short I got a cool OPI which I tried out last Thursday and here are the pictures today.

spring Nail Art

And this is Go On Green by OPI by itself

OPI Go On Green
Go On Green is beautiful blue with duochrome green shimmer. It's opaque at three coats and gives the most amazing softness to your hands when it's on. It looks so fresh and girly and thats probably because it's an iridescent sheer polish. Anyway, really great polish...not great pictures.. at all. Thats why it took me so long to post them, but when I saw how bad the weather was today I realized I'm not getting good pics today either so I might as well post something. So, thats all for today...Have a great one!
xo Nail Diva


  1. This is absolutely darling cute!! Btw, I awarded you! Check it out and have fun!

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    1. Thanks so much. Your blog is adorable as well. Following you now!

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