Sephora Nail Patch Art

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going great. It's soo rainy and gloomy here...and i spent like 4 hours in the freezing cold and sleet so that i could register for this one class. Basically i came back home and slept for another 3 hours because of how tired and cold i was. Man, i am glad i only have one semester left...cuz its a hard-knock life...jk! Anyway, i didn't have time to do a mani so im just gonna show you all some of these sephora nail patch art (stickers) that i got a while ago. I got them in a whole bunch of different shades, i also got a french manicure one but it didn't come up in the pictures so i just removed them. The funny thing about these sephora ones is that at any time you go to sephora you'll only find random designs. Like, you wont be able to find cheetah print or i dunno some crazy lace print designs and whatnot. They run out suupppper fast. I found a whole bunch of sally hansen sticker designs but i felt that they were stupendously close to the konad designs that you could on your own with your own color combinations i felt that the stickers became pointless since i already own like a bajillion konad stamps. Anyway so i only got designs that i wouldn't do on my own.

So here they are.

The light pink one (second from left) wouldn't show up for the life of me. But the rest came out pretty clearly. I think the first one on the left is awesome for valentines day because it comes in a red base with light pink bows on it...Adorable! The stickers are from the left:
-A07 not that shy
-A08 pretty miss
-A06 starlet in jail!
-A05 my favorite skirt
-A02 cute dots
* The french manicure design that isn't in the pics is called 01 pink french (very creative, no?)
So i know that has nothing to do with the quality but whats up with the names? Cute dots? No snap, sherlock holmes! The only name i kinda like is starlet in jail!...i like it cuz i can imagine it and thats pretty fun. Anyway, i haven't swatched any of these yet so i still dont know how well they work or apply or last for that matter. pink french is supposed to last 7 days and the rest all say that its long lasting. Words can be deceiving though, and so i am going to put it to the test and see if it really is true. Hopefully, i'll do a post on one of the designs very soon and tell me if you think they live up to the expectation or not. So, stick around.
Xo Nail Diva

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