Sephora Nail Patch Art Disaster in Disguise

Hey everyone! How is it going? Today I have an honest and personal review of the Sephora nail patch art...I even took pictures to document my experience. So a while ago I posted that I would be reviewing the stickers soon and yesterday I finally got around to doing it. I really wanted them to come out perfect so I decided I would play by the rules and be very careful. First I wanna say that this is strictly my own opinion and it doesn't apply to what others should or should not do. So I call this a disaster in disguise because the packaging is lovely and the way they are presented is really cool. I didn't really like their names but I thought at the end of the day the name isn't that important. Right? I guess not since their sucky names are probably indication of their sucky quality!
So I cleaned my nails really well.. took off my existing nail polish, cleaned my cuticles, manicured my fingers, washed with soap and dryed them, and then buffed my nails. Some say buffing your nails before applying the stickers helps rough up the nail bed and helps with sticker adhesion. I took out the stickers and there is this silver tab you pull to remove the sticky part and you can move on your fingernails until you get the right position. So the first nail I did came out really nice. The next one wasn't so good I wanted to just press the bottom more to get better adhesion when a piece came off. Next nail, I come to remove the nail sticker and it splits in half. No worries, I said...that was my bad, I wasn't careful! I look back at my already done nails and notice that the nails I spent ten minutes pressing down on to get a good stick are popping up at the sides again. And I presevered to the rest of my nails, only to notice the same thing happening to all fingers. Now on the packaging it says to simply bend the excess under your nail and it'll come off that easy! Lie! It doesn't come off that easy...it tears taking along more sticker with it. And I really wanted to love these because I thought How easy would this make my life!!

So here are my pictures : I present Exhibit A (takes a very serious look at the jury!)
Sephora Nail Patch Art (Starlet in Jail)

Do I feel that the packaging was deceiving? No, not really. It's not like they say: "Sticks perfectly to your nails...Wont trouble you at all!" If they said that...well they wouldn't lol. Anyway, I must say if you like how these look and you genuinely think you have a good way to do it...Go on ahead! But other than that, I dont recommend these at all. They are very pretty looking and they lure you in, but in reality there just a waste. I peeled them off right after these pictures because they were disgusting looking. Now, I'm going to get some Sally Hansen nail stickers soon, so I'll do a post on that and compare these too. But from what I hear Sally Hansen's are pretty easy and straight forward. I'm also going to be trying these again because honestly this was my first time and sometimes you just need to get a hang of it. So I would like be the devil's advocate right now and say It MIGHT (fat chance) not have been the nail stickers but rather me (I doubt =]). So, sorry that was the longest post of your life but the truth must be told! Have a great day.
xo Nail Diva

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