Simple Rose Nail Art

Hello my lovelies! I am really excited to show you todays manicure because it has it has a rose design on it...Fun, right? So I chose a blue base color and then used a white drawing pen to draw in the rose petals. I really like the look and I'm going to experiment more on it in the future. I contemplated doing it on my entire nail or just the edge and thought maybe the edge would make it look simple and cute.

Rose Nail Art

The rose design is very easy to draw. All you need to do is a circle in the center and draw random half circles (more like squoval shapes) around it. I must say that the blue I used was disgusting. I love pastel blue but not exactly this shade. Also, I bought this color a long time ago but this was the first time I used it and it was gloopy and clumpy. I removed my polish so many times I wanted to start kicking and screaming. My roses usually look neater but I was running out of time and I had to go to school. Anyway, the end look is great and yells spring which I cant wait for! Ever had one of those bad polish days?
xo Nail Diva


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