KKCenterHK Water Decal Review

Hello all! How are you doing today? Alright, today I will be sharing my first product review...well technically it isn't exactly my review. Because I live in Jordan and customs are a pain, someone very dear to me was kind enough to do this review for me. Thank you so much CariAnne! Your amazing! For those of you who dont know, KKCenterHK is an online beauty supply store where you can find everything from fake nails to wigs and false eyelashes. And their prices are very reasonable as well, if you'd like to visit their site click here . So this review will be about some hello kitty gold water decals. This is N.Nail Hello Kitty Water Decals Nail Art Metallic Gold-WDHHC062

Hello Kitty Water Decals

The idea of water decals is really cool. They look smoother and more natural than regular plain old nail stickers. They kinda appear as a part of the nail polish you have on which is smart. And their application isn't difficult. Its actually super easy you just need to position them right before you stick them on your nails, because then moving it around becomes difficult.
You fill a bowl with warm water and cut out the different decals you want and place them in the bowl for only a coupe of seconds. Then you take it out and remove the transparent underside (with a tweezer or your finger) and then apply on your nail. And your done. Pretty cool, right. I had no idea about water decals before this, but now that I see this, it's going to become part of my manicure musts. I love the gold hello kitty but you can find a million other styles on their website. As always...
xo Nail Diva

** This product was sent to me for review.