My First Franken

Hello everyone! So I'm really excited to present to you my first attempt at a franken. I know that alot of bloggers really love doing this and enjoy it more than regular polishes. Honestly, I would rather just buy a really cool bottle of polish. Unfortunately the only bottle of polish that I cant seem to get my hands on is a an amazing red color. It's like its impossible to find one ready made. So I decided to make my own. My initial goal was something like BeYu Shiraz...well it didn't come out like that. But I like to think I got pretty darn close. So take a look!


For this I mixed Elegant Gabrini in 331 (glittery red) and Jordana Nail Polish in Supernatural (glittery blue) and Seventeen Super Shine in 529 (glittery gold). I swatched the Seventeen polish and posted it yesterday. I know that it doesn't seem too glittery in the pics but it is out of this world glittery. I tried to get it to show up in the pictures but my camera is so so. Anyway, my search for the perfect red hasn't ended. But as I wont be getting my hands on BeYu anytime soon this will have to do. Good day!
xo Nail Diva

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