Color Club Hold 'em

Hey everybody! Today I am going to show you Color Club Hold 'em. I saw this color a few days back and I realized I've probably never seen it around on the web. I really liked the color and so I decided to get it. I'm really glad I did as I dont really have anything exactly like it. I dont know which collection this is from and I dont think its an easy color to find but that makes it all the more unique when you do find it. Doesn't it, lol? Anyway so here are some swatches of it...

Color Club Hold 'em

Hold 'em is a medium pink loaded with silver microshimmer. The shimmer is silver but in the light it gives off a blue tint. The first and last picture are of the color in shade and the middle are in the sun. In the shade it looks very muted but still not your usual bright and poppy pink or your barbie pink. This is funner. The other thing I noticed about this was that its application was tricky. Not impossible but you have to be careful. I wasn't very careful on my index and so it looks kinda messy. I'm still not very sure if its a me color. It really makes my skin look tan, not tanner than normal just makes its kinda dark looking. Plus I'm not the biggest friend of pink so I dunno. I am glad I got it though cuz I would wear this color. I think my kinda color is Zoya Rori which still hasn't been released yet. Its more of a pinkish purple and I really really really want it. Anyway, until next time.
xo Nail Diva


  1. such a beautiful, wearable pink!

    1. Oh yeah I agree...definitely a wearable pink =]