Matte Black with subtle flower design

Hey! Hows it goin? Today I'm gonna show you a matte black polish by La Girl. I really really like this polish because its finish is so rubbery. Its a great alternative to just regular black. It even seems like a jelly matte black to me. I like it alot on my fingers and I dont think I will ever just go with regular black polish ever again. So thats great I guess.

Matte black with flower

Application for this polish was delightful. It looks really good when its on. Like any matte polish it dries lightning fast. I did the flower design with regular black polish and it creates a nice subtle effect. La Girl Matte Black is a great alternative if u want a good and reliable matte polish for a great price. Yup...All round very satisfied! Have a great day.
xo Nail Diva


  1. At first glance this looked like little droplets of water on your nails... which would also be really cute! Love the mani!! :)

    1. Yeah, the design was super subtle. I didn't want to overpower the matte. But I'm glad you liked it. =]]