HM Lady Luck

Hey guys today I'm showing you swatches for a polish from H&M. You know I would have never thought to get a polish from a clothing store just because I would guess its not good quality, but I've heard alot about these H&M polishes and I was very excited to try it when I got it as a gift. Anyway so here is Lady Luck which is a duochrome btw! Love.

H&M Lady Luck is a dark metallic green polish to gold duochrome polish. Simply a must have. Quality is very very fine. This took two coats and thats mostly out of habit because you could definitely get away with only one. Formula on this was very good and easy to work with. The brush was also good, its a tad bit bigger from the bottom than the top (like fan shaped) but very easy to work with. Have you noticed that all of my duochromes have to have green in them. Strange because green wouldn't be my first pick! but still beautiful! Thats all for today.
xo Nail Diva

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  1. Yeah, I had seen this one around and... it's definitely a better version (IMO) of Chanel's Péridot. It's greener, and the gold shows only in some angles/lightnings, and I therefore prefer it. I find it nice to really deep down inside you prefer an H&M to a Chanel, it's curious. But, my inconsistency is patent. I own Péridot (BF's present) and sadly not Lady Luck *sigh*