Zoya Anastasia

Hey guys! Whats up? Sooo, I've been on and off with the posting and that upsets me but please bare with me. So today I have a pure beauty for you all. Get ready to feast your eyes one of my beloved Zoya babies. My few but cherished ones.

I was not kidding. Zoya Anastasia is a deep Brown with what zoya calls strong "Purple undertones, golden Plum duochrome, and heavy Gold microglitter." I couldn't agree more! Definitely a brown color, but the golden glitter is strong, and the plum douchrome is always noticeable at every angle. I got a close up shot so you can see how packed with glitter it is.

You know I'm really so pleased with the polishes I got from Zoya, so I need get a few more polishes and make my collection bigger. In the short period of time I've owned these I have been complimented so much on my choice in polishes and I know its because these are truly special polishes. These pictures here are two coats. I wouldn't call this a one-coater because you would definitely need two to just even it out. Application was relatively easy and the formula on this polish was really good. Overall, I'm sold on this.

If your interested in trying out a Zoya polish for the first time or just want to add more to your collection you can click HERE and make an account and you will automatically receive a free polish to your account. Amazing right!

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Anyway, talk to you soon.
xo Nail Diva

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