Essie Resort Collection 2012

Hey everyone! So today I will be showing you some swatches of 4 colors from the Essie Resort Collection 2012 that came out in Spring earlier this year. I really wish I had gotten a Crewed Interest because that was the one that sparked my attention the most but I couldn't find it...Oh well! So shall we begin?

First up is Essie Sure Shot, a medium pink fucshia color with slight blue reflective microshimmer. Is it me, or does Essie come out with one of these for most of their collections? Three thin coats were used here but it really had great formula Not my favorite color in the world, but very flattering on my skintone.

Essie She's Picture Perfect, a light lavender blue creme with pink reflective microshimmer. As you can see the microshimmer is much more pronounced in the bottle, but it still shows up on the nail. I however, with my severely lacking picture taking skills couldn't quite get that to show up. These pictures are at 3 coats, even though the formula was kind of on the thicker side.  This color is definitely one of my faves of the collection because it is quite unique and I dont think I've seen someone do this take on the reflective microshimmer before. Good job Essie!

Essie No More Film. Boy oh Boy! This color is definitely a special one. A dark navy blue creme that isn't blackened yet retains its darkness quite well. I gotta say if your looking for a navy to add to your collection, definitely give this one a chance. This applied relatively well and took three coats to reach a good level of coverage. I think this color is shiny which gives it an upper hand, but if your looking for easier application you might want Color Club's Naughtycal Navy instead.

Essie Pink-a-boo! Must I say anymore? The pictures speak for themselves. A light creamy pink with tons of pink, blue, and violet microshimmer spread throughout. Heaven! Quite hard to reach heaven though...but when you get there its totally worth it. This took 4 coats and although it can get quite streaky if your patient, and wait out between coats you should be good to go. A definite Must-Have!

So thats all for this review, I hope you liked it. And I'll talk to you guys soon.
xo Nail Diva

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  1. Pink a boo is so cute ^^ OMG it offers so much possibilities...