Essie Pink-a-boo and Essence Time for Romance

Hey guys! Whats up? Soo, I just got back from Work...yeah ya heard right, I have already started working even though I finished school only a week ago. Thats me! Never one to sit down. Anyway, I am having fun working with kids...its the most rewarding job. Especially working with children with special needs (I'm a speech therapist btw). But I have been trying to do my nails before I go to work so hopefully I'll be able to keep that up. Today I have Essie Pink-a-boo to show you...which is to dieeee for! and I also added Essence Time for Romance on my ring finger just to spice things up and also show you something in my giveaway.

Ukkhh, my cuticles have gone wild. Sorry I usually blur my cuticles out but I didn't because I wanted the shimmer to show up. Essie Pink-a-boo was released with the Essie Resort Collection this year and my oh my is it a stunnnner! Its a soft baby pink or cinderella pink with the most beautiful blue, pink, and purple shimmer. This really reminds me of Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy which I swatches a couple of days ago the shimmer in this really does transfer well onto the nail. I mean you can definitely see the shimmer even though its not too obvious in the photos.
Now this is definitely a sheer polish so you need about 4 coats to get to cover the nail with some still slightly visible nail line. But I like it for that it because it kinda gives it that French Manicure look without actually doing so. Also I read that this is supremely close to NOPI's Kimpletely in Love. =]

Essence Time for Romance is a beautiful rasperry jelly base with tons of berry pink shimmer and different sized glitters spread throughout it. You can totally wear it on its own at about three coats and gets to verry good coverage but in these pics I only used two coats over one coat of Essie Pink-a-boo. I like the formula on Time for Romance because although its a glitter its not clumpy or gooey or nasty its very good in terms of application and formula. Removal was kinda difficult.. you may want to try out the foil removal technique with this baby.
Anyway thats all for now. Be beautiful and dont forget to enter my giveaway!
xo Nail Diva

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