Color Club Oh Naturale

Hey everybody! How are you all doing this fine fine day? Today I have an absolutely stunning summer polish to show you. I knew I had to have it the other day when I walked in the store. It was sooo bright and yet mellow. See I'm not a fan of neons, especially after four years at the University of Jordan seeing every single girl wear neon pink or orange because thats whats cool... ummm Not! lol, I dont know it sickens me to see neon orange and pink now. Anyway back on topic...so this is a mellow orangey peach color. And it is to dieeeeee for!

Color Club Oh Naturale- Direct Sunlight

Color Club Oh Naturale- Artificial lighting

Oh My God! Where has this baby been my whole life? Oh Naturale is definitely on the sheer side and I'm wondering why. I mean I know its called Oh Naturale but I dont really understand the relations between orange and naturale. Also why is this orange color sooo sheer? Maybe its to maintain the mellow-ness of the color. I'm not sure, but it took 4 coats to get it opaque. But it was easy to reapply the polish, there was no dragging, clumping or streaking. Is it me or is this color really hard to describe?...A part of me wants to call it tangerine peach. Because its definitely not that "in your face" kind of orange. Love it...love it! As for whether its flattering or not...I cant really say, I mean the color is subtle. Its somehow a nude orangey color so it doesn't really look much like polish but I think it looks OK on my skintone. I just loooove this color so much I dont care if it made my hands look like crap! Anyway, thats all for now lovvies.
xo Nail Diva

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