Orly Ingenue and Orly Night Owl; Swatches and Review

Hey guys! Today, I want to show you the two polishes from Orly that I got in my recent haul. Btw, if your wondering most of the polishes I purchased were bought from Transdesign. Honestly, they are amazing...I mean they dont have the biggest range of polishes but you'll more than likely find what your looking for. And they sell at like half the prices of other stores. Oh and Heads up; these are pics of my left hand so my nails are a bit shorter. Anyway, so here they are!

Orly Night Owl...Finally in my posession! This amazing putty brown with amazing silver microshimmer has been on my wishlist since forever. And my oh my has it been worth the wait! It has a definite earthy feel to it and I feel vegan when I'm wearing it...How weird right? lol. Its the most flattering polish on my skintone that I have ever owned. It brings subtleness and a bit of sass to the equation and I simply cant wait until wintertime to wear this non-stop! Its formula was amazing. Applied perfectly within two coats. And I dont even feel like it needed a topcoat just because it had enough shine on its own. AMAZING!

Orly Ingenue...Another biggy on my wishlist. J'adore! Ingenue is a duochrome shimmer polish that flips between copper and purple at the slightest hand shift. Application was totally easy being perfect at two coats and the formula was great to for a completely shimmery polish. I loved looking at this on my hands and everybody complimented me while wearing this. Its a screamer...I can tell you that. You will definitely get noticed while wearing this...thats for sure! Love, love, love!

Hope you liked these pictures. And enter my Pre-100 Follower Giveaway if youd like to win some pretty nice polishes, Peace!
xo Nail Diva

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