The Most Spectacular Green Ever: Zoya Envy

Hey guys! Whats going on? So as you can tell from my post title, this is about Zoya Envy. Uhhh, the sheer beauty of it is insane. I know alot of people that dont find green polish to be flattering. But when you see it on my nails you can automatically tell that this polish is a good do-er. I'm sure this color works on every skintone possible. I'm still wiping off the drool from when I first applied this. lol

Was I exaggerating? hehe, I didn't think so! You know I originally fell in love with the whole dark green look when I saw Scrangie's post about Nars Zulu. I wanted it, yet I knew I would never find it...so I began looking for alternatives and for me Zoya Envy seemed like the perfect one. Darkened green, can appear black in some lights but in most lights its an obvious dark forest green. Creamy and smooth and oooh so shiny. The formula on this beauty was impeccable. I had not one single complaint about it. Of course the Zoya brushes help tremendously with application and again and again I'm tempted to buy so many more polishes because I just have to have more. The pictures above are two coats each. Removal was a breeze although I thought it would be too difficult the color came off very easily. So altogether this polish gets an A+ for exceeding my already high expectations. What do you think?
xo Nail Diva

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