Some Nail Art

Hey everybody! So lately as I'm sure most of you know my nails havent been in good shape. Their getting shorter and shorter everyday and I'm really just trying to detoxify them lol. I've actually made a pact with myself to stop buying any polishes that arent 3-free. This is much harder than I originally thought it would be but its a step I had to take because I'm totally unhappy with my nails. So having said that I havent been doing anything to my nails. So today I decided I would share some lovely nail art I've seen over the internet...hopefully in a week or so I'll do some of the design on my nails. But for now, this will have to do!

I'm not sure who this design belongs to. But please not this is NOT my design...its just a really cute manicure that I found on the web...I cant remember where. I absolutely love how soft and girly this design is. Its definitely something I want to try and recreate.

Omg...Do I even have to say anything! This manicure is amazing. Not only is this color making me soo jealous (its practically the most perfect peach ever) but the black bow is to die for. I found this from PrettyProject.tumblr.

How adorable is this manicure? I absolutely love the whole randomly put together look...its soo cute. This look goes back to the-nailfiles.blogspot.com. I am definitely trying my luck with this look.

And this final look belongs to the amazingly super talented tartofraises. I mean this girl is soooo talented that I haven't seen her do one look that would take me less than 3 hours to complete, and she does it in like 10 minutes. Pure talent!

Anyway, so this is where I've been looking for inspiration. I really need to give these looks a-go. I think when my nails are in better shape I'll do like a copycat week or something.
Btw, in case your wondering...I dont think its ok to steal other peoples designs. So if this seems like I'm stealing, just read a little closer and you'll see that I give credit to where I got these designs from and who they belong to. I think its ok to take inspiration from other peoples work, otherwise they wouldn't put up these pictures all over the web and give tutorials on how to recreate the look. Thats just my opinion, and thats how I roll!
So thats all for now,
xo Nail Diva


  1. These are freaking awesome!!!! I love love the first two!

  2. Yeah, they're so amazing! If only those could be my nails lol...

  3. Wow I'd like to know, if you know how to recreate the 3rd look maybe you can do a tutorial. That is so awesome looking!!