Are You Happy With Your Basecoat?

Hey everybody! Hows it going...I'm enjoying my weekend and taking a break from all the Summer heat by staying mostly indoors and just lounging around. And Boy! am I loving it. Anyway, so as you all know I've been getting really sick of my old basecoat and mentioned that I needed to find a good one and asked my readers if they had any suggestions. So one of my readers, Maria, mentioned that I should try Color Club Smooth Operator Tinted Ridge Filler. So that same day, I headed out to Sharmiran...my go to beauty store. And I found it. Today, I have a comparison to share with you all. My old basecoat Flormar Nail Therapy Ridge Filler vs. Color Club Tinted Ridge Filler and Smoother, vs. Jordana Nails be Longer Basecoat. Just a little heads up, I have very unhealthy nails that are basically filled with ridges. Some nails more so than others but I think all my nails need to have some sort of smoothing basecoat over them before I can apply polish. If your nails are like that I think you'll benefit most from this post since this is mainly about ridge fillers. So check it out!

Index finger- Flormar Nail Therapy Ridge Filler
Middle Finger- Color Club Smooth Operator Tinted Ridge filler and Smoother
Ring finger- Jordana Nails Be Longer Lengthening Basecoat

I think my ring finger is the least affected by ridges out of all my fingers but you'll still get the point. As you can see my index finger doesn't really have ridges showing but the nail polish looks clumpy and totally un-smooth. Thats with the Flormar Ridge filler and thats whats been bugging me for such a while. That although my ridges dont show, the nail polish still doesn't look crisp. Then you have my ring finger with just the basic basecoat. Its fine but you can still see some ridges peeking through and the overall look isn't the most flattering. On some more heavily ridged nails it wouldn't do squat. Therefore for me this basecoat is totally not an option. Finally you have my middle finger with my newly purchased Color Club Ridge filler. You cant see any ridges and the color applied on smoothly and stayed that way. It is tinted but it doesn't really make a difference its more of a wash of color. And I've tried this with many different colors and finishes and its effect is quite great. I still dont know if this is the best ridge filler out there but it is one thats available in Jordan...so thats a start. I do recommend this actually and I will continue to use it so thanks Maria for filling me in on this.

So Whats your favorite Basecoat? Please leave your thoughts or comments down below. I'd love to hear some feedback on this!
xo Nail Diva


  1. I actually use OPI Natural Base Coat. I have also juts started trying Orly Bonded which is a rubberized base coat. Love your blob btw and nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!

    1. Oooh, I think I want to try Orly Bonded. That sounds smart lol! And thank you for the award. I will get to posting it up soon. Yay for more awards!!