Essie Shine of the Times layering swatches

Hey girlies! I've been meaning to put this post up for a while now its just been so hectic. Anyway, I wont bother you with the details...so I'll just get right to it. I layered Essie Shine of the times over black, white, coral red, and by itself just to give you an idea of what your getting from this flakie.

From Left to Right:
Essie Ole' Caliente under Essie Shine of the Times
Sally Hansen Black Out under Shine of the Times
Sally Hansen White on under Shine of the times
Essie Shine of the Times alone- 3 layers

Anyway so these pictures speak better than my description of them. But all I want to say is that this has definitely become a staple in my collection. I love it the most over the white because it makes me feel like a snow princess. I like it over black as well but that feels like a very fall-ish color to me. I'm gonna be doing a version of this white soon and posting it up. Just a sneak peak: it involves OPI Funny Bunny. I think its gonna look amazing! Until then,
xo Nail Diva


  1. The shine of the times layered over white is delicate and soft, and I love it even more tha over a dark base :)

    1. Yeah I have to agree, over white it literally feels like rainbow on ice. Love it!