Arissa Rosette...A little out of my comfort zone!

Hello World! Whats happening? Today I want to show you a color I usually-correction- Always! shy away from. I obviously didn't buy this color...my mommy did, but since I have to try out every nail polish that is brought into my home, this was no exception. I was actually surprised. ok I'm not In Love with it but I do like it. Check it out!

Arissa Rosette (sun)

Arissa Rosette (shade)

I'm sure its obvious that my ridge filler isn't doing its job. And this shade isn't helping either. But I am on the hunt for a good ridge filler. I'm thinking I'll try out Zoya or Essie. What bothers me is that they have like nail strengthening base coats but they dont have ridge filler/nail strengthening basecoats. Like is that impossible to do or what...cuz I need that. This is the third time I've cut my nails down in 2 weeks. They are so unhealthy. Anyway I've drifted off topic.

Arissa Rosette is a medium dusty rose color. In the bottle its like very muted but as you can see in the sun the polish almost has a metallic look to it. In the shade your getting exactly the bottle color on your nails. I've said this on my previous review of Arissa...this polish has very good formula. Its consistency was rather thin but very controllable. I applied three coats as it is kind of sheer. The brush on this isn't as wide as I would love but its good. Overall, I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried this on. I dont think this polish is for me though, and I probably wont be wearing it. I do recommend it though for people who like soft muted colors.
Thats all for today.
xo Nail Diva

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