Max Factor Dazzling Blue Layering Swatches

Hello all! Forgive me for my absence between posts. I honestly dont know how this keeps happening. Everytime I come back to write a post I realize its been like 4 days since my last. Shame...Shame! Hopefully you'll forgive me once you see these swatches. This nail polish was given to me as a gift from my sister-in-law along with alot of other polishes, some of which I've already posted about. Anyway I kept bugging her about finding Fantasy Fire for me and so she came with the next best thing. Well almost! Oh yeah and before I forget...I officially made my first nfu-oh purchase. And yeah, you guessed im sure, it was nfu-oh's famous 51. If your interested in getting one I found mine on fabuloustreet for 11.25$. Now I just have to wait, patiently mind you, until I get it. Anyway, so back to the swatches.

Max Factor Dazzling Blue over Sally Hansen Black Out (Sun)

Max Factor Dazzling Blue over Black (shade)

So these swatches are 2 coats Max Factor Dazzling Blue above 2 coats black. I gotta say as much as I like this color I didn't particularly enjoy it too great. I think its because its in that blue/green range which I'm generally not too fond of but somehow have so many polishes in the same range. I do appreciate its shiny-ness and its subtle shimmer. I liked it much better over white.

Sorry for the crappy-ness of this picture but it still gives you an idea.. Pretty, eh!
Anyway, thats all for now. Peace!
xo Nail Diva

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