OPI Funny Bunny...Jelly/Flakie/Matte LOVE!

Hey girlies! Hows it been. I've been mentally stressed out over my distraught nails. I feel so bad for them and they are breaking more and more each day. I'm sure its because of my new work and lack of any protection on them. But they need to air out...and in the process they are getting much worse. So much so that my pizzaz for doing my nails has dwindled. That combined with my repeated catastrophic attempts at water marbling has helped me reach an all-time low. I hope this doesnt last for long because I need to get my spark back. Its not like I'm not buying nail polish, I am almost every day. Its just I havent been doing all the nail art I wish I would with all the new polishes I have. Grrr. Well anyway.

So today I want to show you something I'm IN LOVE WITH!. Like Hello! The base is OPI Funny bunny as you can tell from my post. Then I put some Essie Shine of the Times over it to make it more fun. Then I mattified it and my end result was something I was gawking over for literally hours!

So you know I wish I had a better camera specifically for polishes like these because honestly you in no way can see the depth of this polish simply through these photos. IRL they catch the light at every which angle and it in turn catches your attention and its a never-ending cycle. So these pics are before the matte topcoat. If you want to know how I got the previous combo, all I did was two coats of OPI Funny Bunny, which is a white semi-sheer jelly...not so extravagant on its own but really makes a difference in this manicure as opposed to a white creme. And here are the pics after the matt topcoat.

I think the last picture is the clearest because I used a much better camera for it. I just adore the awesome effect the matt gives it. I feel like it captures all the flakies in still time and you can see all the different light flickers together. I couldn't think of a better way to wear this mani than simply as it was. Love Love Loved it! Try it out you guys...You wont be disappointed.

Well not as disappointed as I am with my sad sad nails. I dont know what to do? Has this every happened to anyone of you? Any tips?

Thats all for now loves!
xo Nail Diva

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