Glitter Comparison: SpitFire vs. Magic Attraction

Hello my loves! Today I have a massive glitter post for you today. You know, I purchased Pure Ice SpitFire on a whim thinking that it could be a close or exact dupe for OPI Teenage Dream. Since I dont have the two I cant compare them for you. But while I was looking through my stash I came upon Color Club's Magic Attraction and immediately felt curious to know how they would look next to each other. I even felt a bit upset because I felt like it was further from Teenage Dream than I originally expected. I still dont know how sold I am on it as a dupe but I am happy with a pink scattered holographic glitter polish....so yeah! But anyway heres my comparison.

Index and Ring: Color Club Magic Attraction
Middle and Pinky: Pure Ice Spitfire

So as you can see they are very close but definitely not dupes. Magic Attraction is a more densely packed glitter in a clear base with some holographic shimmer in it. Spitfire is a more sparsely placed holographic glitter in pinkish/clear base. These pictures are 2 coats Magic Attraction vs. 2 coats Spitfire. With Spitfire I still had some VNL going on but with Magic Attraction the opacity built up very well. The formula on Spitfire was a bit less attractive than Magic Attraction because it was on the thicker side. Magic Attraction slides on nicely. But the bigger sized glitter pieces in Spitfire win me over completely. Although they are close I dont mind having them both in my collection because I know I will get use out of both of them. So thats always great.

Oh yeah, and I bought this totally cool ring the other and I'm just dying to show it to you guys. Woot...Woot!

How awesome is my snake ring. Ha ha. Love it. I purchased this from Muse for 4.75 JD's just in case your wondering. So yeah thats my post for today. Talk to you soon and have a great day!
xo Nail Diva

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