Wild at Heart

Hey everyone! Hows it been? I've been away for so long and I hate it so I'm gonna show you a color I purchased a little while ago that I adore. Color Club Wild at Heart. I know you can find this practically everywhere on the web but I still want to show you mine. Right now I'm in the process of purchasing a lot of nail polishes since my brother are coming visit so they can bring it with them...Score! And although I dont have the biggest nail polish collection I hate it when I find colors that are close to mine. Any suggestions on something I just have to try? Anyway heres Wild at Heart.

Color Club Wild at Heart is a deep purple holographic polish. It is so holographic but my camera isn't good at capturing polishes like this. The third pictures is the closest at how it really is even though its a tad bit more in person. I absolutely adore this color and I'm so happy I found it. Because its so saturated you can easily use it to stamp designs and you'll still get that soft holo-y look. I definitely recommend!
xo Nail Diva

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