Flormar SuperShine #10

Hey guys! Wats up? Today I want to show you a nail polish my mom bought and when I saw it I really wanted to swatch it and see how it looks. Now I'm gonna tell you all that I dont like colors like this...it's not my thing but I definitely do think its a nice color and I see alot of people wear it. So here it is...

Flormar SuperShine 10

Flormar SuperShine Shine and Hot Perfect Polish in number 10 is a metallic bronze color with a sort of holographic shimmer to it. What makes this polish so special as oppose to any other mettallic bronze color is that this one has tiny sparkles in it. So although this isn't my favey fave I have to say its definitely a special color...I'm glad I swatched it. Anywho, have a great day!
xo Nail Diva

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  1. You just got nominated for the versatile award!! go to my blog to view the details! Congrats =)