Layered Sparkly Polish

Hey everyone! Hows your day going? Today I want to show you a little bit of layering I did that I really enjoyed. I started out with a Seventeen Super Shine Polish in number 500. I bought this such a long time ago I dont even remember. I tried it out once, didn't like it, thought I would give it to one of my little cousins, decided I wanted to give it another try (maybe it had potential), threw it in a box and never got back to it. Until now of course. I realized if I didn't like it on its own I would use Femme Fatale over it and see what happens. I wasn't really into it while it was alone on my nails cuz although its filled with sparkle it is so flat. Not a very interesting color.
Seventeen Super Shine #500
Then I applied Color Club in Femme Fatale to give it some extra sparkle and shine!

As you can see it totally shifted to another level. And I love that the sparkle isn't one constant color in all angles. You can see copper shimmer, pink shimmer, and even blue shimmer in some angles which really gives it depth. I guess the morale of the story is if you ever have a dull or boring color you can always make it more interesting by adding a layer of sparkle on it. Femme Fatale is a color I'm super happy I bought!
xo Nail Diva

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