Where Am I?

Where Am I? Good question...  I feel like I'm really doing my blog in-justice by not writing any posts but I do have an explanation. I've been super swamped with graduation even though its still one month away. I had to get my pictures taken and send them to the place, I have two tests next week and three projects that I had to work on. My cousins bridal shower and her wedding. And my faculty graduation party. Needless to say shopping for outfits is a part of the schedule. And on top of all that I started training for my new job. I've also been helping one of my professors with work at the hospital. I haven't painted my nails since last Friday. Its pitiful, I know but what can I do. So thats why my blogs been lonely. I'm really sorry if it seems like I'm slacking off and I will get back to posting more regularly when I have the chance. So stick around and dont give up on me.
xo Nail Diva

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