My Favorite...Beauty Products of All Time

Hey Everyone! So I've been thinking about how I need to spice things up a bit over here and I thought why not do a My Favorite segment where I talk about my favorite products. This is going to begin a theme of My All Time Favorite Polishes which will be written by guest bloggers over the next few weeks. I know this isn't exactly a polish post but I do know that I love to read peoples opinions about beauty products before I go in and buy them so I thought I would give it a whirl.... So lets begin shall we?

My Favorite... Facial Moisturizer

Hands down its Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief!

The reason why I love this so much is because I have pretty dry skin and before I put on my foundation I really need that good deep moisture or else I look like death! haha. Anyway this really does it, it gives you that bouncy soft feeling that my skin really needs. And although my skin isn't acne prone I can break out if I'm using a wrong product and this really calms the skin down and its exactly what I've been searching for since I was a teenager. I first got this as a sample from Clinique and now I'm hooked.

My Favorite...Body Moisturizer

For this I'm not gonna play fair and I'm gonna show you two. But it still is fair because I have to show them to you they are both amazing!

First up is BBW Hawaii Coconut Body Lotion 
Ok, not only does this smell breath taking and like you've just come out of a clean shower but it makes your skin super soft and you can still smell it after a few hours which I find tre delicious!

Second body moisturizer I want to share is something I find super recent and I was so upset that I didn't find it ten years ago. Its Glysolid soft cream

I dont know how available this is around the world because I dont remember ever seeing it when I lived in America but you can find it practically anywhere in Jordan and its price is very comparable to Nivea, but its even better than anything I've tried. This leaves your skin sooo smooth and silky I dont even know, I just keep rubbing my face on my hands when I have it on cuz its soo soft. I recommend this hands down. And it smells like cotton, Its amazing! Plus it has chamomile in it so thats great too!

My Favorite...Body Exfoliant

Listen up you guys cuz this is important: Soap and Glory Flake Away

 When I used this for the first time I started jumping up and down. It smelled like pure bliss...I was on cloud nine. How did such a small item make me feel so jubilant? Well, its because the mixture of the amazing smell with the small sugar flecks that give you a massage and clean your skin all at the same time. I was on cloud ten lol! And afterwards my skin was soo smooth. Its amazing! I know this isn't available around the world either, but if you can get your hands on it you will not regret it!

My Favorite...Foot Cream: Jergens Foot Cream

Why do I love this product the most? Because its cheap and effective. It smells like coconut which I adore and it leaves your foot smooth all throughout the night. Its pure and simple.

My Favorite...Hair Product: John Frieda Brilliant Brunnette Satin Shine Finish Cream

I use this after my shower before I start brushing my hair and rub a little bit of it all over it. It makes my hair smell good and feel so soft. I love love love it. And I know it doesn't smell like coconut...maybe it smells like cocoa butter but I love the way it smells. I'm definitely addicted.

My Favorite...Deodorant: Secret Scent Expressions Cocoa butter Kiss

A pattern is beginning to develop isn't it? Yes, I admit it...I take cocoa butter and coconut over the roof but its cuz I love it so much, I simply cant help it. I probably smell like I've been lying at the beach every morning but none of the smells are too strong. They all have that simple faint smell. I believe that every person in this world should put on deodorant, even if they dont "need it" simply because you dont need no rank smell coming out from under your arms. Its just disgusting. So avoid it and put on a little deodorant and if you can get one that smells got...all the better!

My Favorite...Cuticle remover: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. 

All you need from a cuticle remover for it to be good is that it removes the nasty cuticles that are too showy. This does that and it does it fast too. So if you wake up in the morning and you just have to get those nasty cuticles out the way this is what you need. And then you dont need to be cutting your cuticles off and murdering the skin cells around your nail. Win. Win.

And Finally My Favorite... Perfume. Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie (ahh...Perfection!)

Clean. Simple. Elegant. Womanly. One spray of this and I FEEL prettier. I dunno, its a captivating smell but not too out there. Just the way I like it!

Wow, that was alot longer that I thought it would be, but hopefully this was helpful. I just want to express that although I have such strong feelings towards these products it doesn't mean in anyway that will work for everyone or that everyone will get the same results. These are just my opinions and I hope this helps someone out there! And finally,

What are your Favorite Beauty Products??

xo Nail Diva

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